'Fans Only' Video of Where I Hope You Are (8/29)

I agonized for quite a while if I should upload my video of a very emotional George Michael singing Where I Hope You Are for only the second time in public (Herning, August 29), because it's almost too painful to watch George Michael go through such pain.

But so far no one has complained to me about it. Far from it in fact. It's been so popular that I've decided to give the video it's own page on the home page of the blog so that fans of George Michael can easily find it. So below the line is a copy of my blog entry of September 2, link to the song is at the bottom. For obvious reasons it's not on Youtube.


This song is just so beautiful, and so sad. I can't even begin to imagine what it must cost him to sing it night after night.
I'll write some more about this song at a later date, for now I just want to share it with you. I haven't put it on my Youtube channel, I don't want just anyone to see it and maybe make fun of George. This is just for us fans.

Now to explain about the wobbly bit in the middle, sorry for that.
 As you can tell from the first half of the video, my new camera has a powerful (12 x) zoom. Because I was sitting so close to George (3rd row) it's as if  you can see even behind his eyes. As I saw him struggling to keep his emotions in check I started to feel very bad for being 'in his face' with my stupid little camera.
Wanting to give him the privacy he deserves I started to zoom out. And then changed my mind again. I loved the song, loved the performance, heartbreaking as it was. So I zoomed in again, but not as close as before, and because filming is not exactly my forte I promptly botched up the zooming action.

You can tell from the first few seconds of Praying For Time when he is turning away from the audience for a bit, that he was still somewhat emotional. We all were! Fortunately, during Praying For Time it got better.

Van Herning, August 29