10 reasons for loving George Michael

A while ago I talked about the question any George Michael fan is familiar with. “So why exactly are you a fan of George Michael?” You can find the long answer to this question here and here.
This is the short(er) version, counting down from 10 to 1: my reasons for adoring George Michael.

10. He’s nice!
George Michael is no exception to the rule that the more famous a star is, the nicer they are to the public. People who have met him have to admit – sometimes grudgingly – that he’s quite charming.
Cheesy it may be, but we all know the holiday season doesn’t really start until they play this millionseller from 1984.

8. His video for Faith
An iconic video! And the song is great too, always a big hit at concerts. It’s such a fun song!
A song most people can relate to, with a video that after twenty years is still stunning to watch.
A song about freeing yourself from the expectations of other people, a song about coming out - and oh yeah,  a song about George Michael moving on from the Faith era. A true anthem.

6. Careless Whisper
Let’s be honest, we all know and love this one. Yes it’s cheesy but it’s a great ballad, and instantly recognisable. If you’ve been to a 25Live show you know how much of a hit it still is with the fans.
My whole generation danced their first slow dance to this song (yes, I'm that old).

5. He’s out and he’s proud
OK, he took his sweet time coming out. But you've got to remember things were very different for gay artists back in the 80’s and 90’s. And he got there in the end, proving along the way that you can keep your predominantly female fan base even if you’re out. And thereby paving the way for other stars to come out at the start of their career.

4. My Mother Had A Brother
This beautiful song is my favourite George Michael song. It’s one of the best songs about coming out. Plug in your earphones and hear him come out. Beautiful, touching and quintessential George.

3. That voice, that voice.
He no longer has the high youthful voice he was so successful with in Wham! George Michael has matured a lot over the years and so has his voice. And it’s still pure gold! 

2. Live concerts
George is an amazing live performer. One of the very best.

1. He’s the real deal!
George Michael is a genuine all-round musical talent. He can sing like an angel. He can write a ballad or a dance hit for the ages. He has got an incredible stage presence. He’s just a real honest to Pete superstar