20 Fantastic 25Live Concerts

25Live, what a great show that was!

I know Symphonica: The Orchestral Tour is going to be so different. I love George Michael and for all I care he could sing the phone book but I guess I can't possibly love him more than I did during those twenty 25Live shows. Yes, I went to twenty 25Live concerts. I have no life, and also, no money. Other people have nice things, I've got 25Live memories.

Ten Fantastic gigs - ten gig reports
During 25Live I wrote 10 in-depth gig reports for the Dutch Planet George Forum. You can find them all on my blog, the direct links are below. 
  1. Vienna, July 13 2007
  2. Dublin, August 1, 2007
  3. Dublin, August 2, 2007
  4. Belfast, August 4 2007
  5. New York, July 21 2008
  6. New York, July 23 2008
  7. Washington, July 29 2008
  8. London, August 24 2008(First night of Final Two)
  9. London, August 25 2008 (Second night of Final Two)
  10. Copenhagen, August 31 2008

Three wonderful 3 years of 25Live
The in-depth gig reports are all in Dutch. Don't speak Dutch? Below you'll find direct links to a closer look at the three years of 25Live. You'll find a few piccies, some links to great clips and a mini-reviews for all the shows I saw.
  1. 25Live 2006 - with 6 mini-reviews
  2. 25Live 2007 - with 8 mini-reviews
  3. 25Live 2008 - with 6 mini-reviews