Saturday, 9 July 2011

Pure Delight: George Michael anno 2011

My other half and I were talking about Amy Winehouse the other day. We both feel so verry sorry for her, addiction is a terrible, terrible thing. She looked so very unhappy and lost on stage during what was supposed to be her come-back. And she's only just 27. So much talent , so much promise and it's all come to this. I hope it's not too late for her, that she can get well again.

On an entirely different note, I just love seeing George doing so well. It's like he really turned his life around. Not an easy thing to do, and I for one am very happy for him.

It's great to see him not down on himself, but happily chatting away on twitter, posting nice vids of his home life. That's one adorable animal they have!
I'm a cat person myself, but I have to admit I quite like golden retrievers. They look so loving and loyal, and while cats are lovely creatures they're not exactly known for their loyalty. Basically anyone with a tin opener for the cat food will do.

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