Monday, 8 August 2011

The bad behaviour of inner children

Every adult has one or more inner children inside them. Every inner child is different. My inner child is a baby who just lost her mother in a time of war and is trying to survive with bombs falling around her while she is slowly being starved to death by her enemies. She’s out of her mind with fear and also very, very angry at being abandoned. Believe me, I’m no fun to be around when my inner baby is running the show!

Of course the baby is not my only inner child, who doesn't have shy schoolchild or awkward teenager inside them? But the baby is the inner child I struggle with the most. I find it nearly impossible to deal with her in a way that’s beneficial to both of us. I’m slowly coming to accept that I have to stop hating her, but that’s a subject for another day.

When you have such an active inner child yourself it’s pretty easy to spot inner child trouble in others. Quite a few times over the last years I’ve wanted to say to George Michael: “Psst, your inner child is showing!” Or rather, his inner rebellious teenager.

As we all know George could give a flying fig what he’s showing and I say, good for him. Still, it makes me giggle whenever I see him do or say things only a surly teenage boy would. Aww, bless.

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