Friday, 5 August 2011

Delight: Cat versus Christian Music

It's a sad day when you realise that your cat has better taste in music than you do. But when you put that fact to good use you could still end up with something delightful. I still giggle when I remember how I tricked our cat.

Our cat Faith is of course a fan of George Michael music; she especially loves the mixes. In my experience most cats love George, probably something to do with the colour of his voice. Faith however is not a fan of Christian Praise and Worship music. 

Don't know what praise music sounds like? Well, imagine the Christian equivalent of Euro summer hits. Think Macarena or Alejandro,  a simple chorus and a bit of a hook. In other words, praise music is not exactly at the high end of contemporary Christian music. Of course there are beautiful, complex worship songs, but they are far and few in between. 

Now I love praise music myself, the simple lyrics and melodies makes them perfect for singing your prayers.
Anyway, our Faith hates everything in the praise genre with a fiery passion. As soon as the first chorus hits her ears she is literally clawing at the door handle of our back door, loudly begging to be let out. Even if it's pouring out, she prefers the bad weather over the music. It's a bit insulting, really.

One day I got my own back, though. Faith sneaked in the wardrobe in our bedroom and made herself invisible as only cats can. You could hear her purring very loud, she was obviously having a great time sitting just out of reach on top of our clothes. No amount of begging could maker her leave her hiding place. Nothing worked, not even the promise of a cat  snack. 

Totally fed up, I resorted to a dirty trick. I placed one of my MP3-players with built-in speakers on a shelf in the wardrobe, put on some praise music and turned the volume way up. Then I sat down on the bed to wait. I didn't have long to wait. Not even enjoying the forbidden fruits of our wardrobe could entice Faith to listen to saccharine Christian pop. Within 5 minutes a thoroughly disgusted cat came charging out of the wardrobe. Praise be!

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