Monday, 22 August 2011

Openly Gay

Openly and gay: it should be against the law to put these two words next to each other.

Mr. X., the openly gay singer, or less frequently (heh) Mr. Y, the openly gay actor.; words cannot express how much I hate stuff like that. By saying that someone is openly gay, you're implying that this is noteworthy and strange. As if loving someone of the same sex is so outrageous, that people should only be allowed to be secretly gay. It makes being gay sound incredibly shameful and sleazy. You might just as well say Mr. X,  self-confessed sleazebag, or Mr. Y, brazenly gay.

Using phrases like openly gay is dangerous because it perpetuates the myth that there is something inherently sleazy or shameful about being gay. And there isn’t. 

I wish people would get it into their heads that being gay – as much as being straight – isn’t about sex. It’s about loving someone with all your heart and wanting to spend the rest of your life with him or her. And it really isn't important  if this person happens to have the same number of X chromosomes as you do.

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