Sunday, 21 August 2011


It's finally happened, I've joined Twitter. My twitter username is @dutch_ada. Never an early adopter, I waited a long  time to join the rest of the world on twitter. I love to write but the thought of cramming my thoughts in just 140 characters scares me a bit. I've yet to write my first tweet!

I tried to educate myself by reading quite a few "twitter for beginners" guides but there is so much to learn. Timeline, tweetdeck, unfollowing, it's all Greek to me. I feel old. Then again, people (much) older than I have embraced the medium so I should be able to as well.
I've asked a fellow George Michael fan, @saskiavanhassel, to point me in the right direction. She welcomed me to twitter, which was so nice of her. Thanks, Saskia!

Anyway, I probably won't be spending all that much time on twitter as this blog takes up most of my time right now. I guess for now I'll just use twitter to let people know I've updated this blog with a new review of a George Michael concert.

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