Thursday, 4 August 2011

Summer 2011: so far so good

As any George Michael fan, hell even George himself, will tell you, it's not always easy being a GM fan. You're always afraid of some new scandal lurking just around the corner.

These last few years especially, summers and autumns were not exactly fun if you happened to be a GM fan; George is forever doing naughty stuff - or getting punished for earlier naughty stuff - in those months.
Autumn 2006, summer 2007, autumn 2008 and summer 2009, all tough times for George and his fans.

I remember the car crash of summer 2009 vividly. My wife and I were in England at the time, enjoying our holiday at the Pegwell Bay Hotel in Ramsgate. (It's a lovely little hotel, I can't recommend it enough).
Anyway, every morning the staff laid out lots of tabloids in the breakfast room for the guests to read while waiting for the marvellous English breakfast they serve there. One morning I glanced at the tabloids and got a nasty shock. The news was of the crash was plastered all over the front page of the Sun and for one terrible second I thought George had been killed. Not a good way to start your day!

Well, what happened in summer 2010 and autumn 2010 is still painfully fresh in our minds. I guess it's still on his mind as well! Because he's been behaving beautifully, not a scandal in sight! It's like he's a new man. Great job, George and please keep it up.

Wouldn't it be lovely if come autumn 2011 George was once again in all the papers, but now for all the right reasons. Here's hoping for a wonderful tour and rave reviews.

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