Friday, 12 August 2011

Delight: experiencing and overcoming 'technical difficulties'

These last few days were not easy with my stress disorder acting up big time, but today there is reason for rejoicing!
Why so happy? Well, I finally got our old HP Deskjet 720C printer to work with my new Windows 7 computer. 

When I bought my new computer we realised that our trusty HP Deskjet would have to go, as it wasn't an USB-printer. But it was still in fine working condition after years on the job and we didn't want to spend a lot of money to buy a printer of lesser quality. And we still had some prink cartridges left. Yes, the Dutch are known for being cheap for a reason.
Anyway, we bought a new cable to connect the old printer to an USB port and downloaded the new printer drivers and thought we'd be good to go. We thought wrong!

It took me hours and hours over the course of a few months to get the horrid thing working again. The euphemism for something like this is 'experiencing technical difficulties'. In reality it involved a lot of shouting, threatening to throw the blasted thing out of the window if it didn't start behaving right now and so on and me feeling stupid and a computer illiterate.

Today, after reading about countless solutions on computer help forums and applying a patch or two without result, I finally admitted defeat and disgustedly disconnected the thing. Then I thought let's give it one more try, connected it again and RESULT! I still don't know what the problem was exactly, or how I fixed it. But who cares, it's working!

I'm so happy! I've felt like such a failure for the last few days and it's so nice to feel good about myself again. Even if it is over something as insignificant as a printer.

Now shall I get started on the Dell 725 my dear wife picked up for a song (and now we know why!) which she can't get to work with her laptop? Nah, I’m going to rejoice some more!

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