Friday, 5 August 2011

Guilty pleasure: Charmed

Well, I finally gave in and bought the first two seasons of Charmed on DVD. Yeah, I know! I'm a bit ashamed of myself, but in my defence they were on sale.

Charmed is a true guilty pleasure. Just like Private Practice it boasts unbelievably silly scripts and actors that are far too to good to be in a show like that. The best actress in Charmed is Holly Marie Combs and even she buckled under the weight of the ever more absurd storylines.

Even so, the first three season with Shannen Doherty were rather good fun. After Shannon left, or was pushed, the quality went downhill very fast. Although the last few seasons are worth watching if only to see Comb's boredom with it all grow with each new episode. She takes phoning it in to a whole new level, and who could blame her.

If you want to feel smarter than a bunch of fictional characters, then Charmed is just the series for you. Try it, it’s fun.

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